2.0081 - Optional [May 18 2018]

No idea. Same patch notes as 2.008

Censored Gun Name Patch [June 27 2018]

Add to com.sunborn.girlsfrontline.en/files/Android as you would the decensor.
Right click "Save link as..." I'm too lazy to add the file extension to my site
Note: This will most likely break every patch and have to be remade;
Last updated: June 27 2018 for June 26 2018 Patch

Old News

2.008 - Optional [May 13 2018]

We have released the V2.008 update. This is not a compulsory update.

1. Fixed: Display of conditions to unlock certain function in the game.
2. Fixed: Abnormal text in push notifications.
3. Fixed: Abnormal display of purchased Gem amount on the 7-Day Frontline Supply page.
4. Fixed: Abnormal display of level requirement for high rarity equipment.
5. Improved: Issue with the size of the Switch button in battle.
6. Improved: Incomplete names for certain Combat Missions